We help property managers create and sign digital lease agreements in minutes.

Say goodbye to printing, scanning and emailing lease documents, and no more signing in person.

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How it works

Fill in the lease agreement details in the online form

Rentle sends the tenant a link to the contract to be signed​

Rentle sends the Landlord a link to the contract to be signed​

Once everyone has signed the contract is stored in Rental!

Why Rentle?

It's legal

Lease agreements created with Rentle comply with state law. Our lawyers have been through each agreement with a fine tooth comb.

It's fast

Tenancy agreements can be completed by agents, and sent to and signed by multiple tenants in less than 10 mins! Your tenants no longer need to come into the office to sign.

It's secure

Your data and signatures are stored on secure external servers to ensure the highest level of security for your business, your landlords and tenants.

It's priced right

Depending on your needs we can tailor a plan that suits your agency, so that you only pay for what you need.

The ultimate online lease solution for Australian property agents.

Spend more time growing your business, less time chasing paperwork

The old way vs the new way.

Hours to complete and sign a standard paper lease 🐌
Minutes to complete and sign a Rentle lease ⚡
Pieces of paper saved per lease signed in Rentle 🌲

"It's so simple. I've been able to streamline my lease agreement creation and signing, plus I no longer have to photocopy another paper agreement...ever! Feedback from my tenants has been positive, too."

Steven Harding - Lodge property management

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